Secrets of Speech Writing


Writing speeches is an essential skill in public life.

Learn who your audience members are and what they want and need. Decide what gift you alone can give them. You’ll then know what to write and how.

Have an interesting, informative and inspiring message. Show your passion for your beliefs. Use the introduction, body and conclusion format. What you create should be clear, concise and organized.

In terms of style, short sentences work well. Include memorable quotes. Have stories as examples to help listeners understand your points. Enrich your language with metaphors and similes. Allusions you use should be known by listeners.

Your time limit determines the length of your talk. For example, you need three minutes to read a single double-spaced page of text in Courier 12 font. This produces about twenty-five lines of ten words each.

Study famous speeches and others you especially liked. Read articles and books on writing and giving them. Simply Speaking, a book by Peggy Noonan, former speechwriter for a U.S. President, is one I liked.

Make yourself available to give presentations, and you’ll soon develop your ability to write them. You’ll also have texts that you can turn into articles or books.

Sharing what you’ve learned in your journey through the mountains of life can greatly help others.