Finding a Literary Agent


Writers can find literary agents in several ways.

One is seeking referrals from other writers. Another is hearing agents speak at conferences. Consulting the annual Literary Marketplace directory can also help. Buying the annual Guide to Literary Agents can be useful, as well. Reading magazines like Writer’s Digest, The Writer, Poets and Writers and Publishers Weekly can assist you, too. Visiting agents’ websites can be informative. Reading books about agenting can be instructive. Looking at the Association of Authors Representatives, Inc.’s site at can acquaint you with some of the best agents. Viewing can show you those seeking new authors. Checking the acknowledgments sections of books published by authors you admire can often reveal the names of their agents. Contacting a publisher’s sub-rights department can help you learn which agent represented a writer in selling a book to it. Working with a writing consultant can help you quickly reach your goal.

If you follow this advice, you may soon find that you’re a writer whose pen is quite golden.