“Dr. Jan Kilby edited my first book. She did a phenomenal job and added value through her professional editing process. Dr. Kilby’s communication skills were easy on the ear, making the project fly by.”

–John Lovitt, Ed.D., San Antonio, Texas, author of the nonfiction book Who’s Listening Anyway? A Guide to Effective Listening

 “I met Jan Kilby when I took her continuing education course on Editing Your Creative Writing for Publication. I was impressed by her extensive knowledge of the subject and her personality. Later, when I requested her services in editing a book to be published, I had proof of her professionalism, her knowledge, and her professional ethics. She became a friend who was always ready to guide and help me by going beyond what was required. I feel grateful for her cooperation in my project, but even more so for her invaluable friendship.”

–Maria Socorro (Coco) Martinez, San Antonio, Texas, author of the forthcoming memoir Living in a Crystal Box:  A Memoir of a Teacher in Rural Mexico in the 1950s

“Jan Kilby mentored me and raised the professionalism of my writing. She is patient, encouraging, and always kind in her comments. Plus, she is persistent in politely asking if I am working on my next publication, reminding me to keep writing.”

–Ilene Whitworth Devlin, San Antonio, Texas, author of two forthcoming nonfiction books Cherry Tree Dares: Essays on Childhood and Emma’s World